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Having the best hard surfaces in your home requires special care to maintain and preserve them. Though not very difficult, it is important to use the right cleaning agents and procedures. Here are some tips for caring for tile and stone.


When cleaning floors the cleaning tool itself can be as important as the cleaning agent. Keep in mind that most of the common cleaning practices that you may use to clean vinyl tile or flooring can actually shorten the life of your newly cleaned grout and tile. Grout lines are naturally lower than the tile surface and are porous. We apply a high quality sealer that will keep your grout looking clean and fresh, but the dirty water from mopping will deposit dirt back into the grout over time. The use of a deck brush on the high traffic areas will keep your grout fresh and clean looking.

  • Use a cotton mop with looped ends to clean.
  • Touch up high traffic areas with a deck or nylon bristle brush.
  • For faster drying use a clean micro fiber towel.
  • Only use PH balanced cleaners. We recommend Aquamix concentrated tile and stone cleaner.
  • DO NOT USE: Vinegar, ammonia, bleach, toilet bowl cleaner, or other harsh chemicals. These can remove the sealer and DAMAGE Natural Stone.
  • Kitchen Counter Tops:

    Use a deck brush to gently clean the grout, and touch up with a damp sponge and Aquamix. Even though stone and granite counter tops are hard, the use of those "Green and Brown" cleaning pad can actually wear down the finish and shine over time.


    Shower Stalls:

    Use a deck brush to gently clean the grout, and touch up with a damp sponge and Aquamix. cleaning pads can actually wear down the tile's finish and shine with overuse.

    Use a squeegee on a regular basis on the shower walls to keep soap scum from forming.
    Use Aquamix and a deck brush on grout areas and joints.
    Low abrasion cleaning pads care perfect for the tile tops.
    Sealers come in a wide variety of ranges, grades and finish types. Contact us if you need help on choosing the right sealer.

    Natural Stone:

    Most natural stone should be sealed right after installation. Even though some stones are more resistant to damage, sealing will provide extra protection. Most Natural Stone and Grout need to be sealed. These have a tendency to stain easier. Have a professional evaluate the protection and cleaning needs of your hard surfaces. In many cases, professional cleaning and simple sealing is needed in the place of restoration. Once again, if you have your new hard surfaces sealed right after installation, follow a good, safe maintenance plan - your hard surfaces - man made or natural - will stay looking new longer.

    Take care of your new bathroom and kitchen tile. If you ever have questions, Regrout Systems can help you maintain, restore, and increase the longevity of your tile, grout, and stone.

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