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Grout Recoloring or Color Sealing

Tile Grout Color Sealing is a process by which an extremely high quality grout sealer containing color
pigment is applied to the floor's grout to achieve not only a new, fresh look for your tile, but
also serving as top of the line grout stain protection.

It is easy to create a new look for your tile, simply by color sealing your tile's grout.

It is important to note that there are two different types of grouting: Sanded and nonsanded tile grout.
When sanded grout becomes stained, it can easily be colored sealed, which
achieves the same effect of regrouting at a fraction the cost.

However, in most cases, non-sanded tile grout CAN NOT be color sealed. Instead the
grout must be replaced and re-sealed.

Wre know the difference - another reason why choosing Regrout Systems, tile and
grout experts, is your best choice for all of your tile and grout repair needs.

Please Note: If your tile is in perfect condition steam cleaning or machine cleaning can
be good option. However, if your tile is in less then perfect condition, steam/machine
cleaning can cause a lot of damage. Because we are TILE and GROUT experts, we
are able to examine your tile and recommend to you the best solution for your tile

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