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Leak Repair

Did you know that often leaks found in drywall around showers or presenting as ceiling
damage can be caused by faulty grout and caulking in your shower or tub?

Hot mops and water proof membranes are usually installed to prevent leakage when tile
grout becomes warn or damaged. However, these fail-safes can become overwhelmed
when damaged grout or old caulking is left un-repaired.

Fixing these leaks is often as easy as removing the faulty tile grout and/or old caulking, sucking
out as much of the residual moisture as possible, and then replacing the tile grout and caulk
with special, mildew resistant regrout products.

For especially difficult cases, Regrout Systems recommends and are industry experts in
replacing your floor, tub and countertop tile grout with Epoxy grout. Epoxy tile grout is a two part resin compound that is
formulated to stand up to harsh chemicals and is highly water resistant and durable.

We have found it very effective and have had great success using it to solve these
tough grout and tile leakage problems.

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